Many have supported the Madison County Historical Society over the years, and we greatly appreciate their support!

In the past, memorials contributed to the Madison County Historical Society have been honored by park benches, tree plantings, or garden plantings. Memorials of $500 or more are recognized in the entry hallway wall of contributors. Please call 515-462-2134 for more information on memorials available at the museum complex.

Memorials of $500 or greater:

Frank E Allen

Lucille Hanson

Opal Rankin

Anna Rohr

Dorothy & Don Beeler

Bob Welty

Myra Newton

Elwood Ham

Donal R Lillard

Eliza Oglesbee

Henry C Miller

Shirley A Webster

Farris Breeding

Mr. & Mrs. R.E. Ham

Dorris Griswold

Blanche & Cressley Welty

Lorraine Baur

Bill Hircock

Peg Wheeler

Katherine & John Cunningham

Maxine & Richard Frey

Rodger Briney

John Stowell

Rival Collins

Albert Bingaman

Clair Sawyers

Bernice Freeman

Irvin Klingaman

Joseph D Graham

Alvin P. & Dorothy Meyer

Elwyn Eyerly

Lora Dabner

Ernest Mueller

Emma Mueller Chaffee

Madolyn Morrissey

Marguerite Gallery

Mary J Brittain

Alice Miller

Myrtle Clark Comp

Pete Cunningham

Dr. C. O .Koehn

Lora Foster

C.R. Bentz

C. Hugh Ruth

Delbert & Beulah Howell

Jack & Phyllis Zacharias

George A. Gatchel

Robert Jamison

Thelma Jones

Lloyd Callison

John Freeberg

Dr. Byron Mueller

Wilma Henrichs

Virgil Ackerman

John Gorman

Margaret Jones

Mandy Edwards Quarles

Fred V. Nichols

Mary Black Gray

Irene Beverlin

Charles F. Bishop

Llyra Price Thompson

Dale Letz

Clifford Bruett

Herman Mueller, Jr.

Florence Fairholm

Betty Sawyers

Dixie Young

Mrs. & Mrs. Eugene Drake

Duane Drake

George M. Smith

James Hollen

Harold Menke

George Mueller

Lucile Graves

Jack Mease

Darlene O. Johnson

Clarence E. Johnson

Jeanette A. Bishop

John Foster

Ernest Stowell

Anjean Chesnut

Walter Vance

Karen Lucas Woods

Dick Casson

Bernice & Harold Heichel

Bellezora & Clarence Lucas

Esther Frank

Jessie White

Forest Lee Jordan

Virginia Ackerman Porter

Richard W. Newton

Lois Groth

Marge Brokaw